Reverse Engineering Second-Nature Decisions

I finally made some headway on the write-up of a predictive analytics demo/experiment I conducted around March 2009, titled Reverse Engineering Second-Nature Decisions. The experiment is an attempt to ressurect QuestDec, a part of the software I wrote during my dot-bomb days at circa 2000.

QuestDec was a then novel system that merged online social aspects with medical decisions. The system provided a way for medical professionals to weigh the importance they place on many factors relating to a wide array of diagnoses. It also included the ability to reverse-engineer the weights from cases.

The system would be used to track changes in the weights of these factors, which would help pinpoint things a doctor may have picked up on and others yet need to learn.

It also included metrics that measure the respect a doctor may have in a particular area. For example, if one doctor was influenced by another, the influencer’s reputation score rose.

QuestDec never did catch on, partially because of the demise of, but also in that it was still ahead of its time. This was pre-MySpace/Facebook and pre-Predictive Analytics.

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