SCL 2.0

After very much pondering on where to focus my entrepreneurial efforts, I’ve decided to completely reboot SCL. SCL started out as just a “Prolog.NET” back in 2005, but as I applied it to more scenarios over the years I learned a great deal about the nature of how decisions are made and thus subjected the code to a huge amount of evolution.

The other products I pondered building are relevant as well. But my heart is in SCL and I see SCL as the powerful pivot point (I’ll call it PowerPivotPoint to confuse everyone even more … hahaha) for the quest towards the integration of human and machine intelligence.

Just as important though, I chose to reboot SCL because I think I figured out an architecture that will minimize the complexities of implementation, fit into current products, and scale to the “exa” levels required for today’s business intelligence needs. The painful notion of scrapping the entire SCL 1.0 codebase didn’t occur to me until I realized six years of learning revealed a deeper and simpler understanding of its nature.

In 2005 SCL was a solution looking for a problem. Times have changed and it’s now a solution to a vast array of clear and present problems. The old SCL was also the manifestation of my exploration of “intelligence”, which was fun to chronicle and share with my colleagues in my blogs. But this time, I’m taking an entrepreneurial approach, building it in the proverbial garage, and launching it as a better predictive analytics platform, hopefully around late summer of this year (2011).

About Eugene

Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics on the Microsoft BI Stack.
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