Insight Space Graph

The Insight Space Graph is the concept of an automated recording, mapping, and linking of simple insights gleaned primarily from human analysts performing typical Business Intelligence tasks. An example of such an insight is a time series line graph used to spot overall trends and spikes. Such insights provide hints that contribute towards decisions, direction, … Continue reading Insight Space Graph

Embedding a Data Vault in a Data Mesh – Part 1 of 5

Introduction Data Mesh is one of many current buzzwordy concepts addressing what is often underwhelming perceived value from Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) implementations. Similar current concepts include data fabric, data virtualization, and data marketplace. None of those concepts are mutually exclusive. They all somehow facilitate mapping diverse data from across an enterprise for ready consumption … Continue reading Embedding a Data Vault in a Data Mesh – Part 1 of 5

OLAP is Back as Kyvos Insights

In 2013 I wrote a blog titled, Is OLAP Terminally Ill? I used the term "Terminally Ill" because I didn't believe that the strategy of managing pre-aggregations was dead. Temporarily unnecessary, maybe, but not dead. To be clear, by "OLAP" (Online Analytical Processing), I meant in both contexts of the software named SQL Server Analysis … Continue reading OLAP is Back as Kyvos Insights