Eugene’s Professional Services

SSAS Performance Troubleshooting and Cube Review

Yes, the multi-dimensional flavor of SQL Server Analysis Services can, for all practical purposes, be considered deprecated. However, for a solid decade it was the top Business Intelligence data platform. So there are thousands of highly sophisticated cubes out there. Like COBOL, SSAS will be around for a little while more.

For those not ready to migrate off of SQL Server Analysis Services, I’m here!

Or, for those who aren’t ready to move to the Cloud, but require the performance of SQL Server Analysis Services and want to take fuller advantage of their SQL Server license, again, I’m here!

SSAS to Azure Databricks Migration

Although Azure Databricks certainly isn’t an OLAP engine, it’s the closest thing in spirit to SSAS. For those who have hit a scalability and performance wall with SSAS, moving to Azure Databricks makes a lot of sense.

Coding Development Skillset

  • C#; 20 years; up-to-date (lambda expressions, functional, parallel, etc.).
  • SQL Server; 25 years; T-SQL, performance tuning, data modeling.
  • SQL Server Analysis Services; 20 years; MDX, AMO, ADOMD, DAX, performance tuning.
  • Azure Platform; 3 years; Databricks, Azure Data Factory, CosmosDB, Azure DW.
  • Machine Learning; 5 years; R Studio, Python (Pyspark in Databricks), Azure ML.