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Being a Lowest Common Denominator

I love the current series of commercials put out by esurance. They all involve people encountering someone that is “sort of” like someone else they were expecting. Watch them up on YouTube: Sorta Mr. Craig – Parents visit an unlikely … Continue reading

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Micron’s Automata – A Rare Big Thing Out of Boise

Not many huge things come out of Boise and that is the very reason I live here. But something that should disrupt the semiconductor industry (the world in fact) is Micron’s Automata. It’s been occupying much of my thoughts since it … Continue reading

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Deactivated my Facebook Account

I deactivated my Fascbook account. I promised myself that I would do so if they ever censored one of my posts, as had been experienced by others. It appears that they did so today. In fairness, I don’t think we … Continue reading

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Explore Data with the Association Data Mining Algorithm

When starting on a Predictive Analytics engagement, a data mining modeler may need help getting pointed in the right direction: “Here, find me something good.” This may be the case even after countless hours of interviewing subject matter experts and DBAs1. This … Continue reading

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