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Micron’s Automata – A Rare Big Thing Out of Boise

Not many huge things come out of Boise and that is the very reason I live here. But something that should disrupt the semiconductor industry (the world in fact) is Micron’s Automata. It’s been occupying much of my thoughts since it … Continue reading

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Deactivated my Facebook Account

I deactivated my Fascbook account. I promised myself that I would do so if they ever censored one of my posts, as had been experienced by others. It appears that they did so today. In fairness, I don’t think we … Continue reading

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Explore Data with the Association Data Mining Algorithm

When starting on a Predictive Analytics engagement, a data mining modeler may need help getting pointed in the right direction: “Here, find me something good.” This may be the case even after countless hours of interviewing subject matter experts and DBAs1. This … Continue reading

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