OLAP is Back as Kyvos Insights

In 2013 I wrote a blog titled, Is OLAP Terminally Ill? I used the term "Terminally Ill" because I didn't believe that the strategy of managing pre-aggregations was dead. Temporarily unnecessary, maybe, but not dead. To be clear, by "OLAP" (Online Analytical Processing), I meant in both contexts of the software named SQL Server Analysis … Continue reading OLAP is Back as Kyvos Insights

Levels of Pain – Refining the “Bad” side of the KPI Status

Everything we do towards achieving goals involves costs - sacrifice, investment (a positive way to look at it). We purposefully put things we already have (time, money, our career) to be consumed or at risk in the hope of achieving a goal. For the sake of this short blog, I'll call that investment "pain". I present this blog … Continue reading Levels of Pain – Refining the “Bad” side of the KPI Status

The Effect Correlation Score for KPIs

Introduction Everything we do is intended to move us towards achieving some set of goals ranging from just satisfying our immediate hunger to achieving a revolution. These actions are executed within a strategy (or hierarchies of strategies) to varying extents of sensibility and organization. Presumably the effectiveness of our efforts towards those goals and the rhyme and reason behind … Continue reading The Effect Correlation Score for KPIs

Cluster Drift

A deficiency I notice in practically every implementation of clustering (segmentation) is the snapshot mentality. For example, a vendor of a product would segment their customers in an attempt to isolate the ones who would be most likely to buy their product. This captures a snapshot of the groups of similar customers right now, but it doesn't … Continue reading Cluster Drift

Is OLAP Terminally Ill?

Someone told me yesterday that "OLAP is dead". "Everyone is choosing tabular/in-memory." I know it's not dead, maybe at least sick. But did I underestimate the time of the tipping point, the curve in the hockey stick, where the vast majority of users will "sensibly choose" the tabular/in-memory option over OLAP? I realize some, including me, think this … Continue reading Is OLAP Terminally Ill?

Find and Measure Relationships in Your OLAP Cubes

Huge strides in the value proposition of BI will come by jumping the chasm from simply reporting on data provided by the integrated view of our enterprise to discovering novel and perhaps counter-intuitive relationships hidden in that data. With the discovery of such relationships, we can burst outside of the box with novel strategies for growth and novel resolutions of problems. … Continue reading Find and Measure Relationships in Your OLAP Cubes